Introducing our founder, Arushi - a beacon of light for those seeking spiritual guidance and healing. Her lifelong fascination with the unseen and unknown has led her on a journey of discovery, culminating in the creation of Auroma. Arushi's passion for metaphysics and spirituality ignited her calling as a healer at a young age. She is an energy healer with a passion for helping people overcome their emotional challenges. She dedicated countless hours to mastering various healing modalities, meditation techniques, and is a forever student, constantly deepening her knowledge. A Reiki practitioner, breath work practitioner, a light worker, a healer, a Four Wind Society alumni combined with her energy healing learnings and shamanic abilities, she has found her true calling in life. 

At Auroma, our mission is to create a space of healing, growth, and empowerment for all. Auroma aims to be a sanctuary for those searching for something more in life, a place to deepen their spiritual practice and find the tools and resources they need to live more authentically. As a beloved fixture in the community, Auroma is committed to touching the lives of many people, providing a safe and supportive space to embark on their spiritual journeys.

Through chakra balancing, cord cutting, and grief management, Arushi helps individuals release negative energy and emotions, restore emotional balance and connect with their true selves and ultimately find inner peace. As a grief management specialist, she’s particularly passionate about helping people navigate the difficult process of mourning. With a deep understanding on how overwhelming and painful grief can be, she can provide a compassionate and supportive space for people to process their emotions. Whether you've lost a loved one or experienced a significant life change, we’re here to help you heal and move forward. Arushi believes that death is not the end, and that our loved ones continue to exist in a different form. By connecting with them, she can help bring closure and provide with a sense of peace and comfort.

Her dedication to healing and making a difference in the world through Auroma is unwavering. Her work has already touched the lives of many, and with her passion for helping others, she will continue to inspire and empower individuals for years to come. Come join us at Auroma and discover your true self.